NAC Responsibilities
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Apprentice’s Responsibilities

The Apprentice must:

  • Update Employer Information. By indenturing with the NAC, we act on behalf of your employer. This means that we need to know if you are currently employed and who you are working for. With our contact list up to date we know where your trade hours should be coming from. On occasion, a site inspection of your employer is conducted to ensure that you are getting the best possible apprenticeship you can. 
    Critical Process to AVOID Cancellation:
    Enclosed on site is Client Update Form for your convenience. Either you can print and copy the form or fill it out on-line and email directly to NAC web mail. 
    Mail To: Northern Apprenticeship Committee P.O. Box 1000, Mistasinihk Place La Ronge Saskatchewan S0J 3G0 Fax: (306) 425-4383 

    • Critical to reply to NOTIFICATION FOR TRAINING. This letter will come in the mail to you (it is critical we have any address changes). You are required to reply to the notification letter within two weeks.
    Many of the programs have very long wait lists due to the shortage of training seats at the institutions and you will be bumped if you do not reply and send in your tuition.

The NAC will also receive a copy of thenotification letter and we will try andcontact you to get a verbal “yes” or “no” as we can try and reschedule your training to better fit your current work or home schedule.

  • Pay your TUITION immediately after receiving the letter; this alsoguarantees your training seat at the institution.
  • The tuition is usually $240.00 (or $30.00 / week) with extended day programs being $37.00 / week or $296.00 for an 8 week program.
  • The apprentice who pays quicker to the commission will be the one who gets the available seat. Apprentices can pay tuition over the phone to their trade designated ‘Training Coordinator’ by Visa or Master Card….credit cards.To ask about schooling availability and paying tuition over the phone call the toll free number below:
    • SATCC Toll Free number: 1-877-363-0536
    Ask for the Trade Consultant on Duty or Transfer to a Training Coordinator


Important Notice from Saskatchewan Apprenticeship:

Upon receipt of your tuition Saskatchewan Apprenticeship will forward to you:

  • Tuition receipt & confirmation of training attendance.
  • The Federal Information Sheet:will provide the Reference Code…you will need to apply on-line for Employment Insurance.
  • Apply for ROE AND E.I: Important Notice ….The process has changed for apprentices applying for Employment Insurance YOU ARE NOW REQUIRED TO APPLY ONLINE at
  • Apply IMMEDIATELY after your last day of work. Your claim START DATE is the day you apply on-line. You do not need your Record of Employment to start your claim process. This may take 4 weeks to get your first installment of your EI benefit so be prepared for about a month with no income.

Apply for SATCC Living Away From Home Allowance. This is provided through the SATCC and applied for on your first day of technical level training. If you are eligible for EI benefits, then you would qualify for this allowance. The allowance states: “If you are 50 km from home you would receive $ / week” This can take 3 – 4 weeks for you to receive your first installment.


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NAC Responsibilities

Northern Apprenticeship Committee will:

  • Ensure, to the best of its power, that employers by whom the apprentice is employed from time to time comply with all provisions of The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Regulations, 2003and the trade regulation for the designated trade.
  • Keep a record of the employment of the apprentice in the trade or sub-trade, which is to include the names and addresses of all employers of the apprentice in the designated trade or sub-trade and dates of employment with each employer.
  • Enter into contracts of apprenticeship on behalf of the employers involved in their industrial partnership .
  • Maintain current lists of your industrial partners with the commission.
  • If requested by the commission, furnish information about the employment and on-the-job performance for their indentured apprentices

Support NAC apprentices by:

  • Providing accommodation supplement. NAC will reimburse a NAC apprentice’s accommodation costs, up to $475.00 / month, if they have to leave their home community to attend level training at a technical institution. The apprentice must locate their own accommodation then provide a notification of attending training provided by student services at the training institute and a letter from their land person stating where they are renting and the amount of the rent. NAC will NOT cover any damage deposits nor will NAC pay more than one month in advance to a land person. If this is the route you wish to go, make certain that the name and address of the land person is clearly defined so that the cheque can be made out and mailed correctly.

  • OR
  • The apprentice can pay the land person for their rent and then send in a receipt to the NAC and we would reimburse the apprentice up to $475.00/month. You still need to provide a notification of attending training provided by student services at the training institute. Ensure that your name and address is clearly defined so that a cheque can be mailed out correctly.

The NAC provides the following for a qualifying Apprentice:

  • Tutorial support.
  • Referrals for Training and Educational support.
  • Payment of Indenturing Fees to Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Commission.
  • Payment of Tradesperson Fees…who has over 10 years in trades and wants to challenge writing the Journeyperson exam.
  • Payment of Exam Fees after finishing the required mount of schooling designated by the trade ($100.00).
  • Payment of SATCC Classroom Upgrader Fees when recommended by the SATCC Apprentice Consultant ($100.00).
  • Accommodation Reimbursement up to $475.00/month if having to relocate for SATCC Apprenticeship training.

Cheques are only processed once per week by Accounts Payable.


As a NAC apprentice if you should require a subsequent attempt at your Journeyperson – Interprovincial exam, the NAC will pay for your exam fees. These are currently rated at $100.00 per re-attempt. We can also help you to find tutoring and resources which may help to strengthen some of your weak skill areas.


If you have worked in the trade for 1 ½ times the apprenticeship amount and have the hours to back it, you can simply challenge the exam. (Example: A carpentry apprenticeship is 4 years or 7200 hours – to challenge as a tradesperson you would have to have been full time in the trade for 6 years or 10,800 hours) 
The NAC would pay your tradesperson fee if you are a northerner ($475.00) and would have you fill out the Form 7 underThe Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Regulations, 2003. (Form 7 is located under ‘Important Forms’ on this site)

If you are a carpenter, you would have to take a mandatory upgrader which is $100.00 before you could write the Journeyperson – Interprovincial examination. There is now currently an on-line carpentry upgrader, which can take close to 6 months to complete, but you could do this on your own time without having to leave home to go to a technical center.

If you are a tradesperson who wishes to become an apprentice and you liveoutside of the NAD, you would have to register with your employer directly with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Commission (SATCC) using a Form A and you would be responsible for your own registration fees.


This is currently under discussion as to whether the NAC will paythese fees or if they would fall on the apprentice.