NAC Registration
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Important Apprenticeship Forms


Forms: As with all government agencies there is a form for everything and apprenticeship is no exception. All Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission (SATCC) forms that you require can be found on Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission website and can be printed off. Open web page and FORMS are highlighted on the far top left corner of page.

Explanation of Main Forms used by NAC

Critical Forms: The Northern Apprenticeship Committee (NAC) Registration Form needs to be filled out to apply for NAC funding during your apprenticeship as a northerner.

NAC Update Form: An apprentice’s responsibility to NAC is to notify any change of address and phone number.

Form 1:
Employer Application for Registration of Apprentice Contract 
(To be submitted with an apprenticeship contract:  Form A or Form B.)

Form A:
Contract between Apprentice and Employer

Form B:
Contract between Apprentice and Joint Training Committee 
(NAC fills in the second part while apprentice signs back)

Form 2:
Application for Examination 
(To apply to write Inter-provincial Examination (IP exam) with a fee)

Form 4:
Application for Upgrading Evaluation 
(After failing Inter-provincial exam apprentice can ask for upgrading with this application with a fee)

Form 6:
Verification of Trade Experience 
(Apprentice has to verify working for employer)
Important: every time an apprentice changes a new employer the employer needs to fill out form and that the apprentice sends in form with new hours.

Form 6A:
Open SACTT site, on the side bar is ‘Designated Trades’ click and open than choose the specific trade and then scroll down the page to FORM 6A ‘Verification of Trade Experience’ for that trade.(fill out and send in every 6 months)

Important: Trade working hours generates the scheduling of trade schooling because an apprentice has to work so many hours to qualify for the next level of school training. So if your hours are not handed in every six months the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Trades and Commission can cancel your apprenticeship (your apprenticeship becomes inactive).

Note: that the 6A forms need to be mailed in to our office as Regina requires there to be original signatures on the document. As well, ensure that your supervisor or payroll staff has broken down your total amount of trade time into each of the “experience fields” on the form. This can be done through a percentage or a whole number. (These are approximates of course) Trade time can take several weeks to be entered due to the amount of 6A forms that are received from throughout the province everyday.

Form 7:
Tradesperson Applications for Certification 
Once a person passes the Inter-provincial exam and becomes a Certified Journey-person you need to apply for the Government Red Sealed Document (with a fee)

Form 9:
Request for High School Transcript 
Apprentice’s need to request school transcripts (High School and Pre-employment training) marks so that NAC can sent transcripts to SATCC as part of indenturing process. (Critical to process)

NAC Forms:
Registration Form 
Update Form:
verification of Trades experience, change of address and phone number, please notify NAC

As with all government agencies there is a form for everything and apprenticeship is no exception. All SATCC forms that you require can be found on Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission and can be printed off.



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Registration With NAC


In order to become a NAC apprentice, you must be:

Northerner by definition:

“Have lived in the north for 10 years or half of your life.” The NAC area is defined by the Northern Administration District(NAD) and only the communities which lie within. If you happen to leave the Northern Administration District(NAD) to access employment elsewhere, the NAC will provide apprentice support for a period of five years from when you left the Northern Administration District.

NAC Operations and Policy Guide 
(link under ‘About NAC’)

Employed: (usually for 3 months before applying) then you can fill out the paperwork to get you indentured with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. The NAC will pay the registration fee of $150.00.

NAC Forms to be filled out are: NAC Registration form under ‘Important Forms’ has to be filled out to apply for NAC funding during your apprenticeship as a northerner this registers you with NAC.
Since NAC is a ‘Joint Training Committee’ the top part of Form B has to be filled out by the apprentice and NAC fills out the rest. (Reminder the back has to be signed by apprentice)

In order to ensure your success in the apprenticeship training at an institution it is required that you ideally have a grade twelve education but most trades will accept a grade ten.

The technical training is fast and furious so you do not want to miss any time when you are there. If you know in advance that you have problems with certain subject areas (Math, English, etc) let us know when you are registering so we can look at finding you some resources to strengthen these skills before you get to the training center.

The NAC and the SATCC both require high school and secondary school education transcripts (marks) to ensure that you are at a level to be successful in your apprenticeship. (A must as part of Indenturing Forms required)

If you have taken any pre-employment training in your trade at an institution, a transcript from this program needs to be sent to Regina in order to ensure you are credited for your training hours and to make certain that you are notified into the proper year level of training.

Trade Time:
In order for your apprenticeship to move forward you must be employed within your trade in order to bank trade time. Trade time is what flags your technical training throughout your apprenticeship. Without trade time being submitted every six months, you will not be notified for training and you risk your apprenticeship being cancelled. Trade time must be submitted every 6 months through a 6A form.

Refer to Apprenticeship Responsibilities on this site:

The Apprenticeship & Trades Certification 
Regulations Apprenticeship Year
16 May 86 cA-22.1 Reg 1 s26.
Effective Oct 06 2003